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Beyond A Peanut

Food Allergy Flashcards
Educate individuals caring for your child with a nut allergy. Train: 

  • your extended family members  
  • your neighbor's house
  • your daycare provider
  • your school
  • your church or synagogue

This is not a medical site, but sharing from a personal journey. 


Five Posters



   Three Sets of Cards


School Safety Awareness Sign 

Designed with the feedback from school nurses this "Food Allergy Aware" school sign includes four key safety tips for children with food allergies and their classmates. ​ ​

Educate your child and those caring for them how to stay safe with peanut allergies. 

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We've all heard it "why are there all these food allergies?". 

Possible Causes for Food Allergies.

There is hope on the horizon and trials in process. Stay tuned...

Future Food Allergy Treatments

The must have Epinephrine!

Learning about Avoidance!

Your child's Advocate!


Food Allergies

until there is a cure

Awareness and
Education are key to 


Food Allergies

The Safety Basics