Food Allergy Resources

Dedicated to making the world safer

for those with food allergies!

$6.99  - 25 Stickers

$27.99  - Three Sets of Cards


$35.00  - Five Posters


  • Ensure allergens are identified, after  removed from original packaging.
  • 3x5 sticker ensures foods have been checked and allergens clearly identified.
  • ​Great for bulk or boxed foods removed from their original packaging for storage. 

With the feedback from school nurses we designed this "Food Allergy Aware" school sign with four key safety tips for children with food allergies and their classmates.

We later developed a sign with messaging a little more appropriate for older children, which can be customize for your school to make it easier for students to identify with. ​

Kitchen Safety Stickers

Food Allergy Aware School Sign

Beyond A Peanut Food Allergy Flashcards

Educate individuals caring for your child with a nut allergy. Train: 

  • your extended family members ​
  • your neighbor's house
  • your daycare provider
  • your school
  • your church or synogogue



Beyond A Peanut - Food Allergy Flashcards