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Vital ID Medical ID Wrist Band When Ryan was young I used the heavy duty metal lock on bracelet which was great! As he got older they had to remove their medical ID when playing sports and so we needed to go to a style that was easier to put on and off.   

Over the years there have been a number of incredible products and safe foods that have made our lives easier. Below are just a few and new products are being introduced on a regular basis. I will continue to work on updating this page as we go and if there are products that you love, please let us know so we can share them. 

Beyond A Peanut Food Allergy Flashcards 

Of course I love these cards to teach young children and their care givers how to stay safe with food allergies. I am the author. Truth is I have seen them create the aha syndrom as 

Cherrybrook Kitchen Cake Mix - Peanut Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free. This was one of our first favorites. I made many birthday cakes with this mix and people liked it so much they began to buy it even if they didn't have allergies. ​Peanut Free Planet is a worry free website for those with a peanut allergy. All items sold are manufactured in a nut free facility. Many of them from Canada. My kids were excited to try a Kit Kat, the first time I ordered them online from Peanut Free Planet.  

      My Safety Information 

Sheet for Carriers

I use clear pencil bags for the school, my purse and before the kids were old enough to wear belts. I would fold this safety sheet in half and laminate it. I would have the picture face out of the bag. It made it easy to indentify and reviewed safety instructions. 

Epinephrine Carrier. This is great for your purse and to leave with family and caretakers. My kids started wearing it on their own when they were 10 years old. Here is a link to some case reviews. They have a variety of cases, make sure to find one that fits your lifestyle and is comfortable. 


Cup-A-Cake ​ These Cup-A-Cake holders were a great find when my kids were little. Most store bought birthday cakes are unsafe as they "may-contain" peanuts. These holders kept cupcakes nice and were easy to pack in a purse for a party! 

Helpful Items and Safe Foods